A mums 5 pregnancy essentials

We asked mum Hannah Clementson to list her 5 pregnancy essentials. This is what she says.....

My 5 Pregnancy essentials -Hannah Clementson.

When I was pregnant with my first child pregnancy was easy for me, everything else surrounding my pregnancy was hard but him actually growing was good, He didn't make me sick other than the one time I smelt bacon cooking 'bleurgh' other than that he was perfect and I didn't put on much weight while carrying him or after, my bump was just lovely and round and he was born 7lb 9oz.

So when I fell pregnant with our second son it was a shock to the system, he was the complete opposite so it's definitely true that all pregnancies are different! He made me sick right up until labour and was born 8lb 11oz! So here are my pregnancy essentials for him:

Clippasafe Bump Band ' I passed my driving test while pregnant with baby J and as you probably know I found the seat belt so uncomfortable around the lower part of my bump so finding this little product was a godsend, you sit on the cloth part of it and it has a sort of clip that leans the seat belt away from your bump but doesn't stop it being sufficiently done up.

Palmers stretchmark cream ' Although I can't say it stopped me getting stretchmarks (it didn't) this cream just smelt so lush!! And lessens the vile stretching itch you get with your continuously growing baby!

Maternity leggings ' I LIVED in maternity leggings, I want to tell you, I didn't but I did. In fact! I even still wear them now! They were just so so comfy and pretty much went with anything although I did love my long stretchy dresses too.

Bump band ' If you haven't heard of the bump band before it's a band that you can wear with your trousers undone allowing you to continue to wear your clothing for a bit longer, this was good as we didn't announce our pregnancy until we were passed 12 weeks.

The fridge ' Although I was sick ALL THE TIME with J I also couldn't stop eating! I didn't think it was appropriate to put a whole kitchen so I have used this cute little fridge. I pretty much craved everything I shouldn't either.. Chinese sweet and sour sauce with egg fridge rice, and amazing amounts of biscuits! Which doing so is an absolute joy when you're pregnant! not so much when you're not!! :D "

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