An amazing Charity helping Parents and babies.

An amazing Charity helping Parents and babies.

After the recent Snugglebundl appearance on Radio Two's Simon Mayo show we were contacted by a charitable organisation called Lagan's Foundation who had heard us and thought the blanket might be a good solution to a problem they face.

Lagan's Providie at home care and in hospital support and respite to families with babies and children under 5 who are diagnosed with Congenital Cardiac Defects and or Feeding Difficulties (Charity No 1143649)

Families who live with a child who has congenital cardiac defects have a stressful and difficult task ahead. Respite of any kind is invaluable.
Lagan's Foundation is a non-profit making organisation that aims to help families who have babies and children up to 5 years old, diagnosed with cardiac defects and/or feeding difficulties. Lagan's Foundation's purpose is to provide an at home and in hospital respite service staffed by trained volunteers to support parents in their caring role.

One of the main problems we were told was that it can be hard to pick up babies after they have had major surgery and parents worry about lifting them. It seemed that perhaps the Snugglebundl could help. So we sent one over for them to try and we are delighted to say that it was a success and we now hope to provide Lagan's with more Snugglebundls to help them and the parents they help cope with lifting and moving after surgery. We are delighted that we've been able to help and look forward to working more with them.

This is the letter that we received by Carren, mum of Alex.

I was asked to try and test the snugglebundl by Lagan's Foundation and had no hesitation in doing so. Not only do I have a little one that has had cardiac surgery but he also has Downs Syndrome, a gastrostomy and a mummy with a very bad back!

As soon as the Sungglebundl was out of the packet I could feel that it was lovely soft cotton, had a head hugger and was very well made. I placed Alex into it and lifted him, and noticed instantly how comfortableand content he appeared. Not only did he feel secure in it but also looked swaddled and enjoyed being lifted and gently swung in it.

From a parent point of view it really eased the pain of physical transfer to and from pram and car seat and made these processes less painful for my lower back. I also used to struggle putting him down and picking him up off the floor but I now put him in the Sungglebundl and it really does help relieve the pain and strain on my back.

In respect of baby benefits Alex appeared swaddled when being carried in the Snuglebundl so gave him a strong sense of security. It was also very useful post surgery (both cardiac and abdominal) in enabling us to pick him up and transport him with minimal discomfort to him and stress to us as parents who worried about causing any additional pain or discomfort.

It also benefits in terms of the poor muscle tone in relation to his DS as his development is slower in weight bearing and mobility.

Lots of positives on this product. Only downside, especially when you have a baby that vomits quite a bit, is you do have to cope without it when it's being washed unless you have two!

If you would like to find out more about Lagan's Foundation please visit their website

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