Association of Birth & Baby Professionals award.

We developed the Snugglebundl wrap with handles as a cosy secure wrap that would help parents. Our aim was to create a beautiful wrap that had the added function of two soft strong handles to aid a parent lifting their baby undisturbed. In the nearly three years since first launching there has been many landmarks for our company that have inspired us that we are doing a good job. On a personal level the hundreds of letters, emails and photos we receive from parents who are so impressed with the Snugglebundl are praise enough, but we are always delighted to receive attention from authoritative bodies who also feel that we have created a simple product that genuinely helps parents and parenting.
We have just been awarded a logo award badge from The ABBP- The Association of Birth and Baby Professionals that we are particularly proud of.

The ABBP has a membership which is predominantly Maternity Nurses, Night nannies and Doulas, who support parents to be and families with very young babies. They constantly look for innovative new products to recommend to their clients, and this month they have been trialing the Snugglebundl for us.

The ABBP gave the Snugglebundl to three accredited members. The following is their reviews:-

If you like to keep on top of new ideas, new products and new inventions, chances are you watch 'Dragons Den' and if you do, you will be no stranger to the product we have been testing this month.
We have been testing the 'Snugglebundl' the world's first lifting blanket for babies.
Made of super soft cotton, the Snugglebundl is predominantly designed to make lifting your baby easier, which is fantastic news for parents who have mobility issues, bad backs, or who are post-surgery, especially post cesarean section.
The Snugglebundl has two handles, which support a sling like structure. Inside the sling is a small hood to cup your baby's head and support them during the lift. A baby can be transferred gently from one place to another, fully supported and barely disturbed ' perfect for getting sleeping babies out of their car seat and into their cot or vice versa.

Kathie- Kathie - an experienced Maternity Nurse, and Breastfeeding Specialist who runs @SWMaternity

I was excited to receive my Snugglebundl through the post, knowing that it could potentially be a game changer for many of my clients and friends. With cesarean sections on the rise, many women now leave hospital unable to comfortably lift their own babies, and struggling to maneuver them safely and with any confidence.

Cheery from the outset, the Snugglebundle which arrived at my door was a bright funky pattern, and incredibly soft and light, and it was soon in use with my latest client and new arrival. My client had had an extended labor and emergency cesarean section, which had resulted in severe discomfort and an extended hospital stay. She unfortunately had to rely heavily on people passing her baby to her, which robbed her of any independence she might have enjoyed in those first few days. With her baby in the Snugglebundl, she was suddenly able to easily lift baby from the hospital cot beside her bed, straight into her arms, smoothly, comfortably, and with one hand! The benefits were immediately clear without putting any of Snugglebundle's other applications to use.

Predominantly to aid easy lifting, the Snugglebundle certainly does its job, but more than that, it makes transfers and travel easier, and keeps babies snug at the same time. We found as an added bonus that babies loved to stare at it if it were draped in front of them!

We would happily recommend the Snugglebudle to any families, but much more so to any families who might have decreased mobility. For those families this product is a must have which could not fail to improve their experience as parents.

Nicki- Nicki ' a very experienced Maternity nurse and antenatal educator, who runs

As I occasionally suffer with back pain, I was keen to put 'the lifting blanket' to use. Although there did not seem to be an immediate benefit when lifting a baby from the floor (you still have to bend down to gather up the handles) There was a fantastic difference when lifting the baby from a cot, car seat, pram, trolley etc. The angles were far less awkward, and lifting was far easier and more comfortable for me, and the clients who tested it with me. These benefits alone make the Snugglebundle worth the money!
Overall, I love the Snugglebundl, which is now a part of my permanent work kit. I would also be happy to continue recommending it.

Nina- Nina - an experienced maternity nurse and baby massage tutor, who runs @bloominghelpful

I was pleased to receive a lovely soft Snugglebundl in the post to try. I have seen it at many baby shows and certainly had been interested in the concept.

I immediately took it to work, where I was taking care of little premature twins. Whilst the Snugglebundl certainly made transferring the babies from cot, to pram or car seat a very easy process they still felt safe and secure, and the upside would be that the Snugglebundle would certainly last them quite a while! The twin's mum had had a cesarean section, and she certainly felt that it helped her lift and carry her babies, especially transferring from the floor to their cot.
I would definitely feel confident recommending this product to parents, especially to mums post-surgery, and I hope that there is a smaller version one day for my littler babies.

* You can find out more about the ABBP by visiting theeir website"
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