Back pain during and after pregnancy.

Post birth recovery for your back

The Snugglebundl baby blanket was designed to help protect the posture of parents by making it easier to pick them up and lay down your baby. This also makes it an excellent product to help for recovery from the birth and for helping anyone who already suffers from any back or pelvic problems that may hinder their movement. We are always delighted to hear from professionals like this blog below from Ross Whent of Therapy Directory which is a great source for anyone trying to find any kind of therapy before or after you have your baby.Thank you Ross.

Treating Back Pain During and After a Pregnancy

Carrying a baby for 9 months can cause major strain in your back. The correct posture for a human is to stand/sit up straight, keeping your spine aligned with your neck in a vertical position. When this is not physically possible for almost a year of your life, you may experience severe back pain.

During pregnancy, an expanding uterus weakens your abdominal muscles, which causes the alteration in your posture. Add to this the extra weight your back is not used to carrying and you can see why many new mums experience back problems.

These alterations can often stick around after birth. Your muscles need time to re-strengthen and restore themselves to the level they were pre pregnancy. This period post pregnancy is where, untreated, you can cause major damage to your back. Your abdominal and back problems are still trying to recover from the trauma of pregnancy. In addition to this, naturally, you're going to need to pick up and move your baby.

Bending and stooping like this will cause extra strain on your back, not providing any time for your muscles to rest and recover. This is why the range of Snugglebundl products is so beneficial. Having a baby lifting blanket will mean less strain on your back post pregnancy and allow your back muscles to recover (especially if your baby was born through a C section). Add to this the fact that the Snugglebundl causes little disturbance to your baby when you move them, for example while sleeping, and you can see why it is such a great product.

If you continue to experience back problems well after the birth of your child, you can find a local Chiropractor or Massage Therapist you can source them through the Therapy "

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