Back pain in pregnancy

Back pain is very common for many mums during pregnancy and most assume that it is due to the extra weight that they are carrying. That can be the case in a lot of instances and of course if you already had a weak back then having that extra pounds out front are not going to help. Quite often though it is not just this that causes the back pain.

The main reason for back pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy obviously does some strange things to your hormones but not many people realise that this can be one of the causes of the back pain. The body produces a hormone called Relaxin to prepare the body for delivery. This softens the pelvis and ligaments and makes it easier for your baby to make its way through the pelvis. Only thing is, this can also end up giving you back pain. Your spine and surrounding muscles take on the extra pressure while supporting what your ligaments are now too soft to manage, which commonly leads to that sore back. Combine that with your growing uterus and your spine and back muscles that are working overtime and you get more back pain.

What you can do to help.

Nobody wants to be taking pain killers and muscle relaxants when pregnant, so you need to find natural ways to deal with back pain. Hot and cold pads to the lower back can help. Heat to soothe the muscles, and cold to reduce any inflammation. Watching your posture is of course very important to stop pain from worsening and creating bigger problems. The practise of good posture helps your body distribute the pressure evenly so your back can cope with the day to day ups and downs.

The best thing for dealing with and preventing back pain in pregnancy is to keep your back and abdominal muscles strong. Exercising is a real help to prevent back pain. You must be careful not to overdo it but it can make a huge difference to work simple exercise into your daily routine.

Always speak to your doctor before beginning a new workout routine no matter how basic. And, be sure to stop if you feel any discomfort.

After the birth

After the birth if you are still experiencing back pain it is even more important that you pay particular attention to your posture when picking up and laying down your baby. Be careful how you bend, stoop and twist when putting them in or taking them out of car seats, cots, pushchairs aand prams. It is so easy to make back problems worse by bad posture. The problem of posture is not just a concern for mums. These days back problem is very common and especially so with grandparents and elderly relatives that may also be asked to help with baby.

Snugglebundl and Posture.

The Snugglebundl baby blanket was invented and designed for exactly this reason. Because the Snugglebundl blanket has handles it means that you can lift the baby in the blanket without having to bend or stoop and whilst you keep a straight back and retain a better lifting posture, hence it getting the alias of 'the world's first baby-lifting blanket!' It is a simple idea that works incredibly well. The Snugglebundl also fits into car seats, cots, cribs, prams and pushchairs which means that you can lift your baby from one thing to another whilst you keep a nice upright posture. This makes the Snugglebundl an excellent post birth recovery product if you suffer with back pain or have any other members of the family that do. The Snugglebundl baby blanket can also help post c section recovery too. What came from a simple idea to solve the problem of posture when lifting your baby was a baby blanket with a multitude of different uses. The Snugglebundl will gather up your baby so gently that it makes moving them when they are sleeping without waking them so easy, and you can use the blanket to rock them gently to sleep or just as a lovely blanket to let them lay and play on. "
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