Bizziebaby reviews-Why mums love the Snugglebundl

We entered our Snugglebundl into the Bizziebaby awards. This means that they are tested by individual mums and then the awards are given on their votes. We were absolutely delighted by the results and really happy to recieve the Silver Bizziebaby award. This is one of the mum judges verdict on her experience with a Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket!...

Product Tested By Lorraine Warwick ' Lily 6 Weeks
Lorraine Awarded The Snugglebundl 5/5

I thought this looked clever, and a handy product. It is such a great idea; a handy product to have around. Good quality and in a uni-sex colour. It's simple, with an effective design; good concept. It is a good size, and the shape is good. Thickness is of a good quality too. It definitely felt comfortable for Lily as she falls asleep on this blanket. To launder it is machine washable at 40 degrees and I found it quickto dry too. It is very easy to use and move my baby around. I use it to transfer her from the carry cot and car seat safely into the house. I feel this could benefit someone with back problems as it helps you transfer baby safely and securely. Like an extra pair of hands! A little expensive but I am very pleased with the product and use it on a daily basis. I will continue to use this as I use it every day. I will be recommending it to others too; it's very handy to have around. It is a useful product, good quality, and easy to use. It's like having an extra pair of hands!
- Lorraine Warwick ' Lily 6 Weeks

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