C section recovery

This blog has been compiled from reading the numerous articles and conversations on the net about c section recovery. We hope that it is a useful compilation of the facts and advice offered across the numerous websites available to provide support and guidance for in particular that first 6-8 week period after your caesarean. Naturally we wish you a speedy recovery and above all please talk to your nurses, doctors and midwives to help your own particular recovery.

One of the first things to note on the subject of c section recovery is that all new mums will recover at different rates. Some women bounce back quickly, others take longer to recover from a caesarean. There is however some main points that will help with your recovery.

1. Managing pain. You have just had major abdominal surgery, so your wound will of course be painful. While you're in hospital you should be given appropriate painkillers - and if you're not you should complain very loudly. C-section recovery varies greatly from woman to woman and there's no point suffering in silence. The longer you wait to ask for the medication you need, the harder it will be to control the pain.

2. Getting out of bed. Believe it or not getting up as soon as you can and moving around seems to be the most common advice, even if it's just a little bit. This evidently can help you recover more quickly and It can also help you feel better physically as well as emotionally. Just be sure that you get up with someone else for the first few times as you are going to a bit shaky.

3. Plan ahead. Once you are back at home and recovering there, be sure to plan ahead. Make sure that you have a basket or bag with everything you'll need to hand. Like your phone, medications, bottle of water, snacks , books, magazines, TV remote, etc. When you're sleeping, sleep as near to your baby as you can so you don't have far to go.

4. Using a pillow. to splint your incision when standing for the first few days, or when you cough or laugh. This can reduce the pain. Later the pillow can be useful to help with positioning the baby for breastfeeding. . There are also many postpartum belts available on the market which can be of great help with recovery and also there are a variety of different shaped support pillows.

5. Taking it easy. Remember, you've just had a baby and major surgery! You need to increase your activity levels slowly over the course of the next 6-8 weeks. It is recommended that you don't pick up anything heavier than your baby. And don't start exercising until you get the all clear from your doctor. Also remember that even though your baby was born via your abdomen, you will still bleed vaginally. If you do too much sometimes you will notice an increase in the amount of bleeding.

Getting as much help as you can if possible seems to be a key issue and not getting stressed about housework or odd jobs that may be mounting up. Pelvic floor exercises can be started soon after birth and this will help your recovery too. But pressure on your tummy muscles or rather your lack of tummy muscle at this point is to be completely avoided: you do not want your scar to tear. Remember, being kind to yourself is not being lazy - it's common sense. If you overdo things your recovery could end up taking a lot longer.

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