Cafe Bebe wouldn't be without a Bundl!

It has been so lovely hearing all the reviews about the Bundl. We sent one to Karin Joyce from Cafe Bebe blog site and she absolutely loved it and so too did her son Sam. You can go direct to her site at This is her review :-) Many thanks Karin.

When I was laying in hospital, awaiting Sam's birth, Twitter was a lifeline to me. It kept me busy and boosted my spirits. While on Twitter, a tweet came through fromSnugglebundl (@snugglebundl). They were looking for pregnant mummy bloggers who were interested in reviewing their new product. They were ideally looking for a mum having a c-section as the Snugglebundl is extra helpful for mums recovering from c-sections. What do you know? I fit both of those criteria! The lovely people behind Snugglebundl sent me my very own Snugglebundl just like that!

Sam has been happily ensconced in his rainbow striped Snugglebundl and I tell you what!we would not be without it, that's for sure. In fact, hands down, it is my favourite new baby product this time around! It's so soft and snuggly (hence the name) and keeps Sam in the perfect state to sleep and be comfortable. Sam is a baby who needs a lot of cuddles so the Snugglebundl has allowed me to make virtually any environment safe and warm for him.

We use the Snugglebundl in Sam's infant car seat which is ideal in this winter weather. The Snugglebundl means that I don't have to stuff Sam into a snow suit or winter coat which would make his car seat less effective. Instead, I place the Snugglebundl in the car seat, place Sam in the Snugglebundl and cinch him in. He's covered, snug, cosy and safe all at the same time. I love the 'hat' feature at the top of the Snugglebundl as well. It keeps Sam's head covered without being too hot or uncomfortable.

We've also used Sam's Snugglebundl when putting Sam in his Xplory. There's a lovely footmuff in the Xplory but the Snugglebundl allows us to extricate Sam from his car seat without disturbing him and then we can transfer him to the Xplory and keep him protected and warm. It was the perfect solution for me in my c-section recovery as well. I could simply put the handles together and lift Sam easily out of the car seat and/or pushchair and not strain myself in the process. We even used the Snugglebundl as a hammock-like sling to gently swing Sam to comfort him when he was stressed out.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Snugglebundl for any expectant parents. It's lovely and fleecy, soft and snuggly and the perfect solution for just about any situation. Car seat, pushchair, Moses basket, cot, public changing tables!you name it! You can order the Snugglebundl directly from their site for £39.99. I actually would like to have a 2nd Snugglebundl for when one is in the wash!

Sam gives the Snugglebundl a mahoosive THUMBS UP! Go get one now!you won't regret it

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