From Beanie to Baby review Snugglebundl!

Shortly before having my munchkin I was sent a SnuggleBundl to review, largely because I was suffering from SPD and if it had continued after delivery the Bundl would have been invaluable for lifting her. As it is I was lucky enough that my SPD has almost completely gone, so I have been unable to use the Bundl in that way.

That having been said it's a fabulous idea and the Bundl is so comfy and cosy it makes a fab blanket anyway! When my daughter was newborn it was ideal for letting her lie on as it has a comfortable head support that also helped her to feel secure. The way it supports all of their weight evenly meant my daughter loved to be in it and was quite happy being picked up in it ' plus the lining feels lovely and comfy!

I find it is really useful for taking to things like baby group as if it gets too much for her it can be used to help get her to sleep by cutting out the noise/ light etc. I also intend to use it to get her used to her big cot after sleeping in her hammock.

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