How the Snugglebundl helps HMS after pregnancy

How the Snugglebundl helps HMS after pregnancy

Many people have Hypermobility in varying degrees. Hypermobility joints stretch much more than normal. E.g. Some hypermobile people can bend their thumbs all the way back to the wrist or put their leg behind their head or bend the knee joint back. It can affect single or multiple joints around the body.

Most people have hypermobility with no other symptoms. In fact, approximately 5% of the healthy population have hypermobile joints. During pregnancy certain hormones alter the physiology of ligaments making them able to stretch to accommodate the birthing process. For some women with hypermobility pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain can be debilitating due to these two converging factors, and prohibits them from standing up or walking.

We were delighted when were contacted by a Mum who has Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) and who has her own blogging website about herself and her parenting experiences. She had been following us with interest for some time and was very interested in how the Snugglebundl could help her with her HMS when her new baby was born.

So we sent a Snugglebundl off to her and in November 2013 her second son was born and we are delighted that she really enjoyed using the lifting wrap blanket to help her straight away. This is a brief excerpt from her blog but you can read it all at .....

We've had a snugglebundl since the day Bee was born. It's a product that sounded amazing to me as, suffering with my HMS, the prospect of not having to strain to pick baby up was fabulous. I was not disappointed! We packed the Snugglebundl in our hospital bag and in fact, the first time we used it Bee was less than an hour old and we were still in the labour and delivery suite. It's made of such soft and cosy material that it lives up to its name of snuggle as that exactly what you want to do! It has a very soft head support within the blanket so when you pick baby up it totally supports his/her head whilst their back is also supported comfortably. You are also able to transfer your sleeping little one from the car seat straight into your arms or cot which is fabulous as every parent knows it's a task to do that and once you've woken the baby that's that!

Many thanks Laura for your lovely review and for helping us tell more parents with HMS how the Snugglebundl can help them with all the bending and lifting with a new baby and of course how easy it is to keep them sleepingx You can also find lots of useful information about HMS at"

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