Lifting a baby with one hand

For most of us the issue of lifting a baby one handed does not arise but over the recent months we have been in conversation with several parents who are faced with this problem on a daily basis. The Snugglebundl has two soft strong handles which gives the option of lifting with either one or two hands. The design of the wrap gives complete support to your baby when lifting or laying and whilst traditionally you would need two hands to lift the baby the Snugglebundl works on the principle of bringing the baby into your arms rather than you bending down for the baby. Because the head and neck are supported there is no need to bend to put a hand behind the head. There are many situations during the course of the day that are actually easier if you can lift them with one hand. For instance when you are lifting your infant from a low position like the floor you may wish to hold on to something for support. Getting baby out of car seats can result in leaning awkwardly to get both hands around the baby whereas babies on the Snugglebundl in a car seat are simply lifted using one hand. There are many associations around the world catering for people with loss of limbs in the extreme cases, but the need for one handed lifting of a baby can also be from broken wrists and arms to RSI and arthritis. Whatever the reason we are sure that there is only one solution for being able to lift a baby one handed and that is the Snugglebundl lifting wrap. "
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