Mail On Sunday Snugglebundl article.

Its always nice to be noticed! Well especially in business it is. That's why we were really pleased when The Mail On Sunday asked to write a piece about us in their newspaper. As it happens Helen Loveless, the financial editor had two years previously handed us the Barclays Bank small business start up award and was very interested to hear how much we had advanced in 24 months. Wonderfully it was perfect timing with the launch of Snugglebundl going into over 150 Boots stores. All this together with the other awards we have recieved in this time to really grow our reputation and help publicise our simple and unique idea for a baby wrap that can lift a baby.
There was of course the whole angle to the Snugglebundl story as well which makes a good tale. We are two Dads who live next to each other on houseboats in Sussex and we started the business from the bows of our boats, making prototypes and building the company whilst the waves from passing boats would rock the boat!
Naturally we are proud of what we achieved to this date and delighted that the Mail thought others would like our story too. We hope that you too will follow us on Facebook and Twitter and see how we do over the next couple of years. And if you are having a baby well you know where to come!
You can read the whole article on the Mail Online

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