Not Just a Blanket with Handles!

We get asked quite often about how the Snugglebundl supports the baby, so we just thought explain how our unique baby lifting wrap blanket actually picks up your baby so gently! At first glance it just looks like two handles on a blanket, but those two handles are a result of literally hundreds of prototypes to work out the best way to lift a baby in the gentlest way possible whilst at the same time completely supporting the head, neck, spine and legs. We knew that it had to replicate the way a parent would lift their baby. The way that this works is firstly that the blanket itself is of a certain shape and size so that as your baby is lifted it keeps them perfectly still, secondly the drawstring system means that the weight is evenly distributed and will effectively carry on supporting them perfectly from new born to around eighteen months. The handles themselves have been cleverly sewn in many different places using the strongest thread. We have had the Snugglebundl weight tested by safety testing standards up to 30kgs which is the equivalent to more than the weight of a five year old child. We are confident that it will hold even more weight but it seemed pointless testing beyond this.
The Snugglebundl is a cotton baby blanket that ties to make a wrap rather like a shawl. We experimented with other materials but found that cotton has the lovely property of being cooler when warm and warmer when it's cool, breathable and easily washable. So when people say the Snugglebundl is just a blanket with handles please put them straight!:)"