Perfect posture practice for parents.

For any parent who already has or had back problems, then incorporating safe lifting techniques into your daily routine is essential. Consider the fact that on average, new parents are lifting a 7-10 pound baby up and down around 50 times a day! By the time the child is 6 months they will weigh twice that. Add another sibling into the equation and you are doing some serious daily lifting. Back pain is very common in parenting and when you consider all the repetitive lifting, moving, soothing and feeding every day it is little wonder that your back will suffer. Without bringing all the daily home activity into the mix, studies show that parenthood can give back problems for both men and women

What follows are some simple tips that can help parents avoid the aches, sprains, and strains associated with the challenges of family life.

A few simple parental posture practices

• Try to bend at the knees keeping your back as straight as possible to minimize rounding your lower back. Use both arms to lift where possible.
• Try and stand with your feet shoulder width apart which makes you more stable.
• Try not to twist your back when carrying or manoeuvring your baby particularly when bending. Pivot on your feet to turn. Bending and twisting puts a high load on the lower back.
• Try to carry your child centrally against your chest rather than to one side which causes postural imbalance.
• Try and feed your baby sitting upright in a good chair with back supported and use pillows or cushions to support them and bring them nearer to you rather than you leaning forward to them.

So often it is just the innocent movements that cause the lower back pain, like bending over to pick up a toy or shifting a sleeping baby from one place to another (especially from low positions). Even though your baby is relatively light it is the twists and turns and sudden jerks and the repetition of them that will get you if you don't try and actively incorporate some thought about your postures when you lift and move your children.
On a plus side you will find that the more you do it the easier it will get and become more second nature to adopt a better posture into your day to day routines

Why the Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket is so good for helping you maintain good posture in your parenting

It is so easy to let bad posture habits creep in when you are parenting! The Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket was designed for the very purpose of allowing you to lift up and lay down your baby whilst you keep a straight back. It is also excellent at supporting your baby's head, neck and spine allowing you to lift them, lay them down and manoeuvre them so gently that they stay sleeping. The dreaded car seat is one of the worst pieces of equipment to move about for your back, especially as your baby starts getting heavier. It is no wonder that parents get such aching shoulders, hips, backs and muscles But with the Snugglebundl baby blanket you can lift them out of the car seat fast asleep on the blanket and straight into your arms. The Snugglebundl baby blanket can really help you to keep a better posture with your parenting. For extra credentials to this fact, and a professional opinion on the benefits of using a Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket, please have a look at this short video by a registered chiropractor as to exactly why it works so well......

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