Photo of baby sleeping in a basket

Snugglebundl best baby sleep aids

The Independent Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015 How nice that we have been voted in the top 13 Best baby sleep aids. This was alongside so many other brilliant baby products that we can't help feeling very proud. Since we set up Snugglebundl in 2011 there have been many awards and other placing's in top categories that we've been voted into, which never ceases to please us. It's really just a nice pat on the back, like being told 'Good job, keep up the good work!', 'great product!' For those that have followed the Snugglebundl journey for some time will know that launching a new baby product can be a long and daunting task. It's always great to be recognised for the work we do. In particular with being in the top sleep aids for babies as the Snugglebundl is such a great way of moving a sleeping baby without waking them. Any parent knows that if you can keep your baby asleep when you are on the move it will always be a good thing. We hope that publicity like this will really help further promote our simple but incredibly helpful way to help parents with baby sleep. "
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