Snugglebundl Gold Award from GrannyNet

We were delighted to receive a Gold Award from this week after the Snugglebundl wwas tested by one of their reviewers together with their new grandchild.
One of the fantastic things about the Snugglebundl for grandparents is that it just makes helping out a bit easier. Lets face it, as we get older bending and stooping can rarely be achieved without much grunting and groaning and many of us have bad backs and other pains. This combined with trying to help out with looking after your new grandchild and move them around while they sleep can be tricky.
The snugglebundl never claims to be anything other than a really useful wrap/blanket that you can use throughout the day and into the night that will just make life a little easier. For grandparents it is a lovely simple way of being able to offer more help and support.
This is part of the review from Grannynet. The whole thing plus loads of other great info about grandparenting can be found on their website.
We are also running a competition to win a Snugglebundln with them up to 6th Jan 2014 so get in there and have a go!:)

"The blanket is innovative in its versatility and can be used for swaddling baby, rocking baby, discreetly feeding baby, moving baby and wrapping them snuggly on the coldest of days. Clear instructions for use are included in the packaging and an easy to follow online video is also available. My daughter in law finds it particularly useful on shopping trips as her new baby is a light sleeper and would often wake on being transferred from car seat to pram or trolley. With the Snugglebundl, he remains asleep throughout the many transitions of a busy mother's day. For my part, I found it particularly helpful to lift and carry baby as, like many grandmothers, I no longer have the strength and agility that I used to have. We both feel that this is an excellent product and highly recommend it." - See more at:
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