Snugglebundl-Help post C section-A review

We try to give away a few Snugglebundls to mums to try out and hopefully write us a little review that we can share with other parents. Just because we give one away doesn't mean they have to say something nice but so far we have only had amazing feedback. This is one of our latest reviews from the blogsite after Clare had her little boy Harry by C section. She contacted us and we sent her a Snugglebundl to see what she would think. This is her blog. Many thanks Clare we are very glad you and Harry love the blanket..

I knew I was to have a c-section, it was pretty much always on the cards due to the problems I had giving birth to Emmy which resulted in an emergency section with added complications. This time around Harry was Breech right up until 2 weeks before I had him, however I wasn't allowed to go past 40 weeks due to the risks.

Having remembered all the pain and things I could and couldn't do post section I jumped at the chance to try out a relatively new product called Snugglebundl.

What is Snugglebundl?

It is a unique baby lifting blanket. It allows baby's to be laid down and picked up with ease, taking the pressure off of your back or in my case my tummy muscles after my c-section.

The idea and concept is very simple and brilliant. You lay your baby in the centre of the blanket with their head in the padded head hold, the excess material at the foot end is folded up towards their tummy's and then the sides pulled together folding the left side over the right and tying together with the ties. You can easily lift your baby in and out of the cot, pushchair, carrycot or move them easily from one place to another.

Your baby is fully supported and very comfortable and you are not going to hurt your back or tummy by unnecessary bending.

I have found this is great as Harry is a small baby (7lbs 9oz at birth and currently 7lbs 2oz) with a very floppy head (something I didn't encounter with Emmy who was 8lbs 13oz at birth and never lost weight), lifting him up while supporting his head and not hurting my tummy was very hard when I didn't use the Bundl, however with it I was able to lift him out of the cot and into bed with me without having to get up at all.

I am still using it at home 10 days later and I will continue for as long as he fits, which will be a long time. I have it under him at night in his carrycot, I use it to carry him downstairs leaving my other hand free to hold Emmy's hand on the stairs and I'm also using it in his car seat as a nice warm snuggly blanket. The bonus of using this in the car seat is that if he falls asleep (which he always does) I can lift him out without waking him up again.

In hospital use

In use at home

To use the Snugglebundl in a car seat place the baby into the Bundl and then into the seat, open up the Bundle and strap the baby in over the blanket, then you can fold the blanket around the baby.

The Snugglebundl's are currently available in the spotty design modelled above by Harry, although more colours will be available at a later date. These retail at £39.99 and is currently my most used and loved baby item.

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