Snugglebundl in Top 5 Breastfeeding covers

Baby Expert Online put Snugglebundl in the 5 best breastfeeding covers.

We are always delighted when we win anything or get voted amongst the best in a category. What we particularily liked about getting in the 5 best breastfeeding covers on the well respected Baby Expert is the fact that of the 5 we are the only one that does other things as well as being a great nursing cover.

The Snugglebundl works so well as a cover for breastfeeding because you just simply use the material as a natural covering , keeping yourself discreetly and comfortably protected whilst baby is shielded from any distractions at the same time as being kept snug in the blanket. Then of course as soon as you've fed them you can take the handles of the Snugglebundl and lay them gently down without waking them.

To view the article go to the BabyExpert website and for more details on breastfeeding using the Snugglebundl click this link.

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