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We were delighted to be contacted by Which to ask us to send up a Snugglebundl baby lifting blanket to be tested for their reviews. we are always pleased when the reviews are actually carried out by mum's and parents as it's always their feedback that means the most. You can visit the Which website to see this and many other baby product reviews by clicking here.

We were delighted that the parent volunteer said that they "liked the vibrant, unisex colours and design and thought it was robust and well-made enough to use the Snugglebundl to swing and rock the baby with confidence."
Here is the full report:-


The Snugglebundl is a'baby lifting blanket- a blanket with handles and a built-in hood with head support, so you can move your baby without waking them. We gave one to a mum and her three-month-old baby to try out and give us her first impressions.

Our parent volunteer was impressed by the quality of the manufacturing of the Snugglebundl and felt confident that the design was robust enough to lift, rock and swing her baby. She really liked the idea of the blanket but, after trying it, thought the Snugglebundl was perhaps best suited to newborn babies (0-3 months). The manufacturer says the Snugglebundl can be used from newborn to nine months.

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Baby lifting made easier?

The Snugglebundl was invented by a dad who saw his wife struggling to lift and move his daughter after a difficult birth. Suffering from back problems himself, the idea for a blanket with handles was born.

To pick up your child you simply bring the handles on either side of the blanket together and lift, creating a hammock-like environment for your baby. Our volunteer mum said she found it easy to use the Snugglebundl and she could lift up her daughter without having to disrupt her much at all.

Because her baby was already three months old and settling into a regular schedule, she didn't find she had to move her while she was asleep. But she could see how it could be done. The head support worked effectively to keep her daughter pretty still, which would hopefully mean you could keep your baby snoozing when you moved them from car seat to cot, for example.

Good quality baby blanket

Our parent volunteer liked the vibrant, unisex colours and design and thought it was robust and well-made enough to use the Snugglebundl to swing and rock the baby with confidence.

Which? first look verdict

Overall, she thought that the blanket was best suited to newborns who are more likely to need to be transported asleep.

If you suffer from back problems or are recovering from a difficult birth or Caesarian section it may well be worth trying it out. The Snugglebundl costs £39.99 and is available from the Snugglebundl website.

Pros: Good quality, nice design and colours, makes it easier to move your baby about without disturbing them, may be good for those with back problems or those who have had a difficult birth

Cons: May be a bit too hot for the summer months, best suited to young babies

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