Snugglebundl VIP!

Top celebrity and lifestyle magazine VIP has featured the Snugglebundl on its parenting pages this month as its Star Buy for your baby.
Alison Canavan who writes the parenting section of this glossy magazine carefully looks at all the products on the market in the baby shops and tests and reviews most of them herself. We were lucky enough to meet her several years ago after she had tried and tested the Snugglebundl with her own baby and she absolutely loved it. Recently a friend of hers had used and loved the Snugglebundl and she wanted to shout about it again. Getting into a high profile magazine like VIP is a real pat on the back for us and we are so pleased that the Snugglbundl is getting so much recognition at the moment as more and more parents discover its wonderful uses. You'll be able to pick up a copy of VIP magazine in the shops and check out Alisons monthly top tricks, tips and parenting advice."
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