Image of a mother leaning against a palm tree on a beach holding her baby

Taking Baby on Holiday Checklist!

Where to Go

Where you go and where you stay can save you a lot of bother

Three tips to choosing a place
  • Keep temperatures in mind by opting for somewhere not too cold and not too hot. You might love a hot, sun kissed beach, but your baby probably won’t
  • The World Health Organisation advises against taking infants and young children to areas where malaria is present
  • Once you have a place in mind, opt for accommodation that’s billed as family-friendly. These hotels, resorts and self-catering properties will likely already have many of the essentials you need (Toys, Highchairs, Cots)


Become an organisational hero!

  • If you need one, apply for a baby passport,– this can take three weeks to process
  • Organise travel insurance. And, if you’re holidaying in Europe, don’t forget to get a European Health Card
  • For a long haul flight, it’s possible to book an air cot, which will make life much easier for you and baby


Things to keep in mind

Food and Drink If you’re travelling by plane check ahead to see what is permitted It’s also a good idea to take the equipment you need to accommodate your baby’s food and drink needs while on holiday, such as bottles, sterilising equipment, bibs, beakers and spoons Bed and Bath Pack baby wash, shampoo, and lotion (and a foldable baby bath if you have the room). Take enough covers for baby (or their usual sleeping bag if they use one) Clothing and nappies Bring appropriate clothes (long-sleeved tops, and long trousers or dresses to keep the sun off your baby, warm clothes if you’re holidaying in the cold). And bring lots of nappies for the stay (or check ahead to see if your brand is sold locally)  

Image of a Baby Asleep In Car Seat with Hankie on Their HeadOn the Move

Choosing the right travel gear makes for an easy journey and holiday

  • Slings and carriers are a great idea if you want to move around easily.  Using a sling also keeps your hands free, so you can reach for passports, change, and luggage
  • For young babies, a travel system with a car seat that clips on to the pushchair chassis is a great option. It takes some of the strain out of moving baby from cars and aeroplanes
  • For those a little older, a lightweight, folding stroller is a good idea. Fold-away pushchairs take up much less space than travel systems

Other Baby Essentials

If you’ve checked the above, don’t forget...

Sunscreen SPF 50 and 5 stars offer the best protection. But remember, these creams are likely to be thick and tricky to apply Baby monitor If you want to enjoy an evening drink on the terrace, this will come in very handy Travel Blackout Blinds If you’re going away for the sun, it’s going to be bright. Blackout blinds will help with naptimes and bedtime Comforters Baby will be in an unfamiliar environment, so a ‘transition toy’ is a must Camera  More for you than them; bring a camera along to capture those memories (although don’t forget to take your charger and an extra memory card too)
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