The most useful product for twins!

We have been totally inspired by the amount of parents with twins and multiple babies that have been contacting us after they've bought Snugglebundl's. We realised that it would be great help if you had more babies to look after but it seems that the Snugglebundl has been hailed an absolutely hands down best baby product for twins and multiples. We have spoken to several parents with twins to get their feedback and perspective on why it helps so much.
Many Mums of twins and multiples will end up having a c section or elective section so naturally having a Snugglebundl from the start will alleviate the need to bend and stoop so speed up the recovery time as well as protect posture. The great thing with the Snugglebundl is that you can do things yourself rather than have to get someone else to hand you the baby.
For many parents we spoke to it is the issue of the car seats that can cause a real problem when handling more than one baby. Car seats are cumbersome and heavy and it is not recommended that you leave your baby sleeping in them for more than an hour and a half. But of course if your baby is asleep in one when you get home you will always be tempted to just carry them in on the car seat. Even more so if you have a couple of sleeping babies! The beauty of the Snugglebundl is that you can lift your baby out of the car seat as they sleep without waking them and then just carry them in and lay them somewhere soft and flat. No other product in the world does this!
For Mums choosing to Breastfeed the Snugglebundl doubles up as a breastfeeding cover for discreet feeds. Once again being able to then lift your baby from your arms using the soft strong handles is a real godsend. Especially so if you end up trapped under two sleeping babies.
You can in fact lift, lay and move your babies in and out of prams, pushchairs, cribs and Moses baskets so easily and without waking them that it does make you wonder how you'd manage without one.
Go to and check out the five star reviews or have a look at the Snugglebundl website for more information.
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