The wrap that helps with reflux

Reflux is the result of the milk (both breast milk and Formula) your baby swallows coming back up into his oesophagus, or mouth. Reflux can be uncomfortable for babies and fortunately it is just a temporary problem that will get better by itself. It is messy and hard work but it is normal for around half the babies born to have it once or more a day during the first 12 weeks. It's not a sign of illness. Only a very small percentage of babies get persistent or severe reflux. Frequent small feeds can be better to stop baby's tummy getting overfull. Keep your baby upright after feeds too. Try to keep them as still as possible and avoid jerky sudden movement. Try to not leave them in car seats or upright slumped positions for too long. This is where the Snugglebundl can be very useful for softly and gently moving your baby to avoid any sudden reflux. Lifting your baby with the Snugglebundl fully supports their whole body and as they remain in the same position they do not even stir when being moved. Being able to lift them from car seats without disturbing them will allow you to move them as they sleep on the Snugglebundl and lay them down somewhere softer. There is an absolute wealth of information on reflux on the internet but we have been impressed by the amount of parents that have commented to us about how effective the Snugglebundl is with handling reflux babies. We realise that it is just a small part to play but we hope you'll find that it helps.  class=left"
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