A Midwife’s Review Of Snugglebundl

We have had amazing feedback from so many midwives about what they think about the Snugglebundl baby lifting and wrap blanket. We spoke to Karen Tribe, a registered midwife with over 20 years’ experience about what she thought about it. She explains how most women experience some discomfort after the birth and how mobility can be affected particularly with stitches, surgical intervention and c section. This is where the Snugglebundl really helps reduce the lifting, stretching and bending, taking pressure away from healing areas and minimalizing any discomfort or pain, allowing mums to do what they really want to do and bond with their babies. This video reflects well the response we get from midwives and health care workers about how they see the benefits of using the Snugglebundl to help with post birth recovery.
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