An Extra Pair Of Hands For The School Run

An Extra Pair Of Hands For The School Run

We are always keen to let reviewers test the Snugglebundl as much as we can. We like the fact that they will always be unbiased reviews and we are at the mercy of their honest opinions. We also like to give a variety of parents the Snugglebundl to try because it isn't just for Mums after C section or with bad backs. The Snugglebundl is designed to protect your posture from all the bending and stooping that is required for the day to day lifting and moving with your baby but also for the simple fact that it lifts them so gently that it is easy to transfer them from your arms to laying down without waking them. This is really useful when taking your baby from a car seat to a pram for instance or when you just need to take them to another room in the house. These are the precious times when keeping your baby asleep can mean a little extra rest for Mum or time to get on with the other jobs around the house.
The Baby-A website is well written by a Mum who already has a young son, and it was lovely to get her perspective on using the Snugglebundl when you need time with another child. We have had lots of feedback over the last couple of years from Parents who have found the Snugglebundl priceless for using for the school runs as it can be awkward if your baby is asleep in the car seat and you need to take their sibling into school. The Snugglebundl means that you can lift your baby out as they sleep into you arms and take your child into school and then lift your baby back into the car seat without waking them with ease. The little ties on the side then secure it as a lovely cosy wrap for those chilly days.We have been so delighted by all the feedback we have received and we are proud that our wrap with handles is seen by many now to be a must have item for parents. This is some of the comments from the latest review....

"Ronnie is six weeks old now and we have used the Snugglebundl from the day he was born in hospital. It has been in and out of the wash and has been used every day.

It was so lovely dressing Ronnie for the first time and placing him into a very cosy, secure blanket. It was great for transferring Ronnie to the car seat for his first journey home. One of the features that we particularly liked was the padded head support which really seemed to comfort him.snugcar

We have used the Snugglebundl non stop for different purposes. It has been particularly useful in his pram where he has been sleeping soundly. It has been great for breast feeding when out and about as it aids comfort and discretion. On one occasion Sydney gave the game away by asking nice and loud! 'Is Ronnie feeding from your boobie mummy?'! So my cover was well and truly blown!!"

As a company producing a product that is used for new-born babies it is naturally essential for us to make sure that we listen carefully to parents and use their feedback to control the quality and standard of our wrap. We have made a few changes over the years to reflect what we have learnt and we now feel that the Snugglebundl wrap is really perfect just as it is and we we get reviews like this that gives us a good indication that we are doing it right. Baby-A went on to say...

"We have gained experience in knowing that when it comes to looking after babies that there are certain 'must have' items and others that you buy but don't actually use. For us (especially mummy) we feel that it falls in to a 'must have' item and we can't recommend it highly enough.

The new challenge for us at present is getting to grips with looking after two children with very different needs. For days when mummy or daddy are alone with the little ones and juggling their demands, the Snugglebundl has really helped. For instance we can't take our eyes off Sydney at the moment as he can be quite rough with Ronnie. For all that he loves him he can't be trusted, as the minute our backs are turned he tries to pick Ronnie up or pat him on the head or poke him in the eyes etc(Poor Ronnie!!!!)! for those reasons we keep the pram up, have a bouncer chair and have the car seat in different areas of the house and the Snugglebundl has been great for transferring Ronnie without disturbing him. It also gives a little extra protection from a sticky boisterous three year old's hands!

snugliftLife is a little crazy and it is certainly going by in a blink, so to have a small product that does a lot makes a big difference. We feel that anything helps make life easier when caring for children is a Baby-A winner!!!"

We are always keen to hear the experiences from any parents that have the Snugglebundl and we especially love getting l;ots of lovely pictures of your babies wrapped up in them.
You can see the Bab-A website at or go to our testimonials page to see just a few of the other things written about our unique product.

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