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6 Reasons why Snugglebundl is the ultimate solution for new parents

Start to enjoy the little moments, even more.

1. Keep Your Baby Sleeping Peacefully anywhere, anytime.

Tired of constantly waking your baby up while lifting them in and out of their car seat, pram or shopping trolleys? The Snugglebundl is the perfect solution for sleep-deprived parents. Our unique lifting wrap design allows you to lift and lay your baby so gently that they stay sleeping, making it easier for you to manage your daily routine. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a well-rested and happy baby with Snugglebundl. You can use it anywhere, whether you're at home, in the car or out and about, your baby will always sleep peacefully in the comfort of their Snugglebundl.

2. The ultimate solution for Post 
C-Section Recovery

Recovering from a C-section can be a painful and challenging experience, especially when you have a newborn to take care of. The Snugglebundl can make your post-birth recovery time easier and more comfortable. Our soft, strong handles make it an amazing help for wrapping and lifting babies after a C-section, allowing you to avoid unnecessary bending and twisting. The Snugglebundl's unique design will make your life easier and less painful during your recovery period, so you can focus on your new bundle of joy.

3. Making Life Easier for Parents

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming and exhausting, but with Snugglebundl's lifting wrap design, life becomes easier for both you and your baby. Our innovative design allows you to lift and carry your baby without disturbing their sleep however you can use it in any situation including but not limited to play mat, car seat liner, breastfeeding cover (voted in top 5 for breastfeeding cover), rocking soother or shopping trolley liner, making your daily routine more manageable and your life less stressful. Say goodbye to constantly waking up your baby and hello to more peaceful moments with Snugglebundl.

4. Keep Your Baby safe, secure and comfortable.

As a parent, safety is always a top priority, and with Snugglebundl's unique design, you can ensure that your baby is always safe, secure and comfortable. Our lifting wrap design keeps your baby's head, neck and spine supported and prevents them from slumping forward. Our soft, strong handles make it easier for you to carry your baby, ensuring they are always in a secure position. The Snugglebundl is designed to give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy every moment with your little one. Cash tested to both US and EU Safety standard.

5. Get More Time for Yourself, Enjoy the Precious Moments of Parenthood

Parenthood is a rewarding experience, but it can also be demanding and time-consuming. With Snugglebundl, you can spend less time worrying about waking your baby and more time enjoying the precious moments of parenthood. Our lifting wrap design makes it easier for you to carry your baby, so you can focus on other tasks or simply relax. Whether you're at home or out and about, the Snugglebundl gives you the freedom to do more of what you love, all while keeping your baby safe, secure and comfortable. Say goodbye to stress and hello to quality time with Snugglebundl.

6. Try them 100% Risk-Free!

Try Snugglebundl for 30 nights. Don't like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions. Also If there are any issues with your product we will exchange it for you at no extra cost.

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Community reviews

This genius invention has been worth it's weight in gold for us. It's particularly fantastic post c-section, I was able to get my baby in and out of her hospital crib without doing more than setting up - I didn't have to twist, get out of bed or call a midwife to help. I honestly can't recommend this highly enough if you're going to have a c-section and genuinely thing that hospitals should have a stock of them ready to lend to c-section mummies during their stay in the hospital. Worth every single penny.

Victoria F - Verified Buyer

It makes lifting a sleeping baby in and out of car seats / rockers / buggies etc. extremely easy and tends not to wake the baby (or disrupt an almost sleeping baby) - whereas trying to slide a hand behind his head always does unless the baby is in the deepest sleep. It is really well made, the handles feel very secure and the cushioned neck support supports the baby's head and neck really well. It is a bit warm for hot days but that shouldn't stop anyone buying this fantastic product.

Emma C - Verified Buyer

I was brought this as a present when my daughter was a month old. It was the best present ever. Basically you can move a sleeping baby without waking them, whether there have fallen asleep in your arms, in the car seat or in the middle of your bed. You can gently life them up without disturbing them. This is the 6th snugglebundi I have brought for friends. Its the little black dress for a new mum.

Sarah V - Verified Buyer


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