Why Baby Sleep is So Important And How Does The Snugglebundl Help?

Sleep is significant to the health of anyone but for babies, who are growing and developing rapidly, this is vitally important. According to the Sleep Foundation, a newborn baby needs 16-17 hours sleep a day! While children sleep a growth hormone called ‘somatotrophin’ is dispersed through the pituitary gland.  Although this hormone is produced throughout the day, approximately 80% of its release occurs when the baby is in a deep sleep. The Alder Centre for Research in Child Development conducted a study which monitored baby sleep.  They found that sleep is related significantly to physical growth. In addition, if sleep deprivation continues it can affect memory, impair judgement and make a child accident prone.  And no parent wants their baby’s health and growth inhibited. Apart from wanting to ensure a baby gets lots of sleep another instinct of a parent is to want to observe a baby at all times.  In modern life, these two primal processes are in conflict because chores have to be done which are often in different locations and can result in waking a baby from its much-needed sleep when moving it.   As such babies are consistently disturbed when moved as the parent needs to complete tasks in one room after the other, or take necessary trips outside such as picking up shopping or a sibling from school etc. Until now modern parents have had to endure the process of constantly waking a baby to get things done and then find themselves having to nurse their baby back to sleep in order to be able to complete the task- if they are lucky! On top of adult sleep deprivation not keeping up with things can make life feel more frustrating and stressful. The main reason baby’s wake when moving them is due to a natural reflex in the neck which causes the baby to startle when laid down. Once the baby is picked up she instinctively connects with the movement of the parent and knows she is held. However, when the parent spends ages trying to gently lay their baby down, as soon as contact is lost, even if it’s the last finger, it will wake with a primal scream in fear of abandonment (Moro Reflex). The Snugglebundl helps with the Moro Reflex because it fully supports the head in the same way a hand or arm does. The moment the handles are lifted the head is gently supported like a hammock supports a head.  Therefore the baby can be lifted gently as though the arm has always been there and when laid down the support remains so the parent doesn’t have to fear removing the hand from the back of the head and waking them. This has changed the lives of parents who just love how this can make life easier, not just for getting things done but in the middle of the night when they want to settle their baby quicker. It’s why it is recommended many sleep experts including Jo Tantum, the leading UK baby sleep expert and author, who says “It’s a real baby and mum must have!”. It’s a win-win situation. The parent gets more done and less stress whilst the baby gets more precious sleep! To find out more regarding healthy lifting benefits click here or how the head is supported click here. The Snugglebundl is a cosy wrap that forms a hammock to support the body when lifting and laying a baby. No more waking the baby in and out of car seats, carrying car seats or risking health issues associated with too much time in car seats.