Snugglebundl - Helping babies sleep

New-borns will sleep between 10 to 18 hours a day with periods of one to three hours awake at irregular times of the day.  Managing their sleep can be tricky, especially if your baby doesn’t like being laid down or moved. Naturally, this can all have a direct impact on your own sleep. However, help is at hand. The Snugglebundl is the only baby product in the world designed to lift, lay and move a baby as they sleep without waking them.  More sleep for them, more sleep for you! Easy.

Snugglebundl blankets help keep your baby asleep or your money back!

Our blankets are endorsed by the UK’s leading baby sleep expert- Jo Tantum When baby snoozes in the Snugglebundl YOU get more “YOU” time! Easily move and wrap your baby without waking them Take them sleeping from your arms without waking them Lift them safely from car seats, prams, cots & cribs without disturbing sleep Completely supports their head, neck and body as you move them EU safety tested Can be used to softly rock your baby to sleep (ideal for colicky babies) 30 day money back guarantee

Sleep is especially important for children as it directly impacts on their mental and physical development.

The National Sleep Foundation

Testimonials and reviews

I am a huge fan of Snugglebundl. It helps mums lift their baby’s easily and safely if they are sleeping. A baby and mummy must have! A fantastically well thought out and innovative product that really does let sleeping babies to lie. Defiantly a must for you and your newborn, makes transferring baby a doddle without waking her up. Should be added on to every essential baby list. So easy to lift your baby sleeping out of the crib! The Snugglebundl makes it easy to move your baby without disturbing them.