Helps travelling with a baby

The baby travel wrap that keeps baby safe

Whether you are just nipping out, have a busy day planned, a weekend away or even a holiday abroad with your new baby, you need to keep them safe, warm and wrapped up and comfortable but also be able to move them easily without disturbing them and whilst you carry and manage everything else you need to have with you.

The Snugglebundl is the perfect baby travel wrap

It is the only wrap garment for babies that lift’s your baby in and out of car seats, pushchairs, prams and even supermarket trolley seats; and it does it so gently they’ll stay asleep. You can safely and easily move your baby with just one hand if you need the other free. Because you can move your baby without waking them it gives you more time to rest and relax or get things done. It can also be used as a play mat, a snuggly wrap, a baby rocker, and even a breast feeding cover. Perfect for use in airports and aeroplanes. A baby wrap that they lay in, stay in and play in all day.

Once you've gone Snugglebundl, there's no going back!

Everyone that's got themselves a Snugglebundl reaches the same conclusion: they couldn't live without it!

What are they saying about Snugglebundl

Not sure how I survived without one! So easy to move your baby without disturbing them. Just discovering how good and versatile the Snugglebundl is! Transferring from chair to car seat to supermarket trolley to front pack without waking! Thank you. So easy to lift your baby sleeping out of the crib!