Why not use the Snugglebundl breastfeeding cover?

Highly recommended - voted one of the top 5 breastfeeding covers by BabyExpertOnline Simple to use - no fussy straps, hooks, clips or ties Comforting - let’s you maintain eye contact with your baby as they feed Calming - shields distractions so your baby can feed calmly Multi-purpose - also used to wrap your baby, move your baby in and out of car seats without waking them and much, much more

What Mums are saying about breastfeeding with the Snugglebundl baby wrap

I just love this Snugglebundl idea. So easy to breastfeed him discreetly and then wrap him up nice and warm. Love my Snugglebundl! It is very handy to take my daughter out the car, when she is sleeping and it doesn't wake up. It is also good for breastfeeding when I am out and about. It is one of the best things we bought! Allows a mum to enjoy and nurture their baby. Such a simple idea but genius! The Snugglebundl means I can discreetly breastfeed my baby anywhere with the minimum of fuss. I love that I can also use it for so many other things too. A baby and mummy must have!

Ease your worries about breastfeeding

Lots of Mums have discovered how convenient it is to breastfeed discreetly with the Snugglebundl

Why Snugglebundl is one of the best breastfeeding covers you can buy

One of the great things about using the Snugglebundl when breastfeeding is the ability to then use the handles on the blanket to softly and gently lift your baby from your arms once they have fed and fallen asleep, and lay them down undisturbed. You can then simply use the ties on the side to wrap them up for a cosy nap or lay them in their pram, cot or crib or even straight into the car seat. Having a baby product that looks great and has many different uses can really save time and money and make parenting easier. Many different covers are available but only the Snugglebundl gives you a breastfeeding cover that also can be used for such a variety of different things. Not only has the Snugglebundl baby blanket been voted in the top five breastfeeding covers by BabyExpertOnline, over the last few years it has won a great many parenting and baby innovation awards for its clever multi-use design. Made from beautiful, soft, brushed cotton it is available in several stylish designs and colours.