Head Support

As new parents picking up a new and fragile new born baby can bring on feelings of apprehension. With little or no previous experience, quite how to pick up a minute, new, fragile human being with care and comfort can be a little daunting. Bony figures are trying to dig their way under the baby while the baby's head wants to flop around attached only by a fragile neck. And it worries you. It really does. Lifting baby is only one side of this daily issue. The otherside is of course when putting baby down. You've got to get your hands from underneath baby because there are other things you need to do, to get on with. But you can't. The moment you try and get your hands out from under your baby, they know. They know your trying to get away. It doesn't matter how careful you are, your hand cannot be freed from under their head without a sudden jolt and that will wake them. Your not ready to be outwitted either, so you use the other hand to free your first hand, and now that hand becomes stuck instead. They know, and they will wake up. Now they are awake and crying and your not going anywhere to do anything else but start the whole soothing until asleep process all over again, and then you've to to lay them down, and it starts all over again - your hands stuck. The Snugglebundl solves this problem. Its a multi use wrap that wraps around your baby providing full body support and total head support. This is the simplicity of the Snugglebundl and why it has won so many awards. The integral handles ensure baby is safely supported (the handles are tested to 30kg, the weight of an average 5 year old) while the head support includes soft padding for comfort and warmth. Watch this short video showing how the head is lifted and supported just before the whole baby is lifted as one. [embed width="899" height="386"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pizRj4AwY&feature=youtu.be&t=1s[/embed] When baby is lifted like this... there is no waking baby, no jolting head. Just peace and quiet leaving you to get on with what you need to do. That's what a Snugglebundl does.

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