Help for back pain after birth

Suffering with back pain? Benefits of using the Snugglebundl baby blanket:

Lift, lay and move your baby with a straight back even from floor level Fully safety tested to EU standards Endorsed by many Chiropractors and Osteopaths For use with babies 0-6months old Lift baby safely with one hand leaving the other free for support Lifts in and out of pushchairs, prams, car seats, cots, cribs and Moses baskets Multi award winning design completely supports your baby’s head and neck as you lift them

Eliminates one of the key causes of back pain. Light enough to handle easily and doesn’t add any extra weight.

Dr. Cassidy Hogg - Chiropractor

Chiropractors opinion: How the Snugglebundl eliminates one of the key causes of back pain

How can the Snugglebundl prevent and relieve back pain?

If you are suffering from any kind of back pain, the day to day lifting and laying of your baby into pushchairs, prams, car seats - and of course down onto the floor - can be incredibly difficult. Lifting or laying your baby would ordinarily mean needing to use one hand to support the body and one for the head and neck, meaning that you are forced to bend as you lift. However, the Snugglebundl was designed to solve this problem. Two very soft, strong handles take the full support of your baby’s head and neck when lifting them By simply using the handles to lift your baby in the Snugglebundl, you allow the blanket to support the baby. This helps you to keep a better posture, thus taking pressure away from your back and pelvis.

It's a no-brainer!

Potential cost of treatment for a bad back: £1000s, Snugglebundl cost: £35

The basic difficulties of moving your baby when you have back pain

Coping with the difficulties of moving your baby when suffering from any back related issues can be very hard. The main problems are in the: Picking up of your baby Lowering down of your baby Most of the time we are laying our babies into pushchairs, prams, cots, cribs, beds, sofas and of course down on the floor. If you suffer with back complaints, laying down or lifting up your baby from these low positions -whilst you use both hands to support your baby’s head and body and are in a stooped or bent position - can not only be difficult or painful if you suffer with back complaints but nigh on almost impossible for many. However, the Snugglebundl has been created with all these problems in mind and was designed in order to be able to lift a baby 0-6 months with a straight back even from floor level. The main advantage of having the baby on the Snugglebundl blanket is that you can lift, lay or move them with just one hand using the strong padded handles, leaving your other hand free for your own support. See above, the high recommendations we have had from chiropractors and osteopaths and parents and carers themselves who have really benefitted from the simple idea of baby blanket with handles. So why not try it for yourself? We are confident you will love our Snugglebundls! And in the remote chance you don’t, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Go on, treat your back, your baby and yourself!

What are back pain sufferers saying about Snugglebundl?

With my spinal injury I could not have lifted my wee grandson from cot or bouncer or play-mat or pram without the Snugglebundl. Thank you! My 7 month old loves his Snugglebundls, and it’s aided in my recovery from a prolapsed disc, so thank you to you guys as I don't have to have surgery I needed a product specific to my needs to reduce the stresses and strains caused by any lifting on my recovering pelvis, I found the Snugglebundl. This has been my saving grace and helped me so much. Great help for all my post-partum mum's - helps prevent both pelvic and back strains. Excellent baby safe innovation. Eliminates one of the key causes of back pain. Light enough to handle easily and doesn’t add any extra weight.