How do you fit a Snugglebundl into a three point harness car seat?

When you buy a Snugglebundl it comes with visual instructions and there are plenty of videos on YouTube

To use in a three point harnessed car seat the steps are as follows:

  • Lower your baby into the car seat using the handles (the baby will stay asleep so it’s much easier to fit them into the buckles too!)
  • Open the two side panels
  • Tuck material into each side of the neck and bring the shoulder straps over the baby’s chest
  • Bring the bottom buckle through the legs and clip to the shoulder straps
  • Pull the tightening cord so the strap cannot be pinched with the fingers
  • Off you go on your stress free journey 😊


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To watch a visual demonstration of how to fit a into three point harness see this video below



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