Is it completely safe?

Yes....Safety and testing is a priority and any new parent should check safety features of any products they purchase.

Snugglebundl safety checklist:

√ Not to be used as a carrier, to lift, transfer and lay baby only.

√ Car seat crash tested to both EU and US standards in 3- and 5-point harnesses and to be used as a cotton garment. 

√ Weight tested up to 30kg/66lbs (well over the weight of a five-year-old child).

√ Handles are constructed of a double fabric loop system with reinforced safety stitching in place.

√ Handle circumference means it cannot go over the baby’s head.

√ The wrap tie feature is designed and tested so that it cannot cause entanglement.

√ The Snugglebundl is ergonomically designed in a hammock shape. So, it replicates you scooping baby with both hands into your arms. This coupled with the over flap at one end and the hood at the other means baby cannot slide out.

√ The design is all fabric and fully breathable.

√ Its chemical properties have also been tested to required safety standards.

√The hood design does not sit on the baby’s crown or fontanelles meaning there is airflow around baby’s head. In addition the hood can also be rolled back.

√ The Snugglebundl does not have a Tog Rating as it is so versatile in its uses and is to be “worn” like a cotton garment. Depending on where you are will depend on whether you have baby snuggled in it or it opened out. So effectively dress baby up or down depending on the circumstances just as you would determine how to dress your baby.

The unusual but useful features of our Snugglebundls have been officially and rigorously tested in terms of safety so you can rest assured your little one is safe and snug.

We have invested thoroughly in ensuring Snugglebundls meet neccessary safety regulations. 

Our official testing and certifications completed by:

(UK/EU) Consumer Product Safety Advice Ltd, UKAS Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

It has been safety tested to meet with European safety directives (Safety regulations 2005 SI No 1803)This includes testing for dynamic strength up to 66lbs (30kg), chemical transference, fire resistance compliance and breath-ability.

More importantly it has been “road tested” on over 50,000 babies and have a lot of satisfied customers 

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