The Lightweight Snugglebundl

The Lightweight Snugglebundl


Product Details

The Lightweight Snugglebundl is a single open weave layer and very strong - does exactly what the original Snugglebundl does but great for travel or higher holiday temperatures. The Lightweight Snugglebundl rolls up small, easy to pack in to your suitcase or handbag!

ALL babies have a favourite blanket but this one makes ALL the difference. It is a hammock-style baby wrap with strong handles made of soft natural cotton. 

The Snugglebundl is a fantastic aid for baby sleep -the design gives secure head support for baby which means you can move your little one without waking them, eliminating the reaction to the moro reflex. It doesn’t replace how you traditionally hold, cuddle or move your baby, but gives you lots of options to go about your day without disturbing that precious sleep routine. 

The multi award winning product is multifunctional – it can be used as a breastfeeding cover, a lay and play mat and a brilliant way to gently rock baby to help relieve the symptoms of colic. Great as a caesarean section recovery aid – reduce painful bending and stooping, prevent c-section scar irritation and improve post-natal rest. The attractive box packaging makes it an ideal present, great for that baby shower gift, best newborn car seat accessory! The Snugglebundl is like an extra pair of hands, making it a great travel system for twins. Easy to wash and tumble dry. Crash tested and safety tested up to 66lbs, well over the weight of a 5 year old!

Voted best UK baby product two years running by Achieve magazine.

Home to car, to shop and back, without disturbing baby’s nap!

Lift and Lay only - NOT for carrying. 

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The Snugglebundl is 100% safe for your baby

  • Fully crash tested to EU and USA standards at the NASA Calspan site
  • Total support for baby’s head, neck and body (watch video)
  • Strong padded handles (tested up to 30kg/66lbs)
  • Tested breathable fabric
  • Soft protective padding in the head area and under the hood

Want to know more about the safety of the Snugglebundl?

Watch this 2 minute video where Heidi, a qualified nursery nurse for 25yrs, demonstrates:

  • why the handles are very safely constructed
  • how much weight it can carry


Here are just a few of the lovely awards we have won so far 


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multi-award winning

Snugglebundl as a brand won many awards for the feature and voted best baby products for two running year and trusted family business since 2011.

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See The Lightweight Snugglebundl in Action

Some of our favourite videos of The Lightweight Snugglebundl working his magic

frequently asked questions:

Why is the Snugglebundl such good value for money?

What value can you put on being able to lay your baby down so their precious sleep routine does not get disturbed? Helps you get more rest too!


√ Being able to ensure your baby to gets that precious sleep it needs for its development

√ Being able to lift and lay them in a car seat asleep and not worry about car seat health issues

√ Being able to lift your baby and not hurt your back

√ Being able to soothe your baby with colic by rocking them and settling them back to sleep

√ Being able to fully support your baby’s hea without worrying about their fragile neck or waking them up. Passing your baby confidently

√ Being able to recover more quickly after any post birth symptoms , even after C-section

√ Being able to get more done, more rest and less stress due to not waking baby getting daily tasks done
Is it completely safe?
Yes....Safety and testing is a priority and any new parent should check safety features of any products they purchase.

Snugglebundl safety checklist:

√ Not to be used as a carrier, to lift, transfer and lay baby only.

√ Car seat crash tested to both EU and US standards in 3- and 5-point harnesses and to be used as a cotton garment.

√ Weight tested up to 30kg/66lbs (well over the weight of a five-year-old child).

√ Handles are constructed of a double fabric loop system with reinforced safety stitching in place.

√ Handle circumference means it cannot go over the baby’s head.

√ The wrap tie feature is designed and tested so that it cannot cause entanglement.

√ The Snugglebundl is ergonomically designed in a hammock shape. So, it replicates you scooping baby with both hands into your arms. This coupled with the over flap at one end and the hood at the other means baby cannot slide out.

√ The design is all fabric and fully breathable.

√ Its chemical properties have also been tested to required safety standards.

√The hood design does not sit on the baby’s crown or fontanelles meaning there is airflow around baby’s head. In addition the hood can also be rolled back.

√ The Snugglebundl does not have a Tog Rating as it is so versatile in its uses and is to be “worn” like a cotton garment. Depending on where you are will depend on whether you have baby snuggled in it or it opened out. So effectively dress baby up or down depending on the circumstances just as you would determine how to dress your baby.

The unusual but useful features of our Snugglebundls have been officially and rigorously tested in terms of safety so you can rest assured your little one is safe and snug.

We have invested thoroughly in ensuring Snugglebundls meet neccessary safety regulations.
How strong/safe are the handles?
Weight tested up to 30kg/66lbs (well over the weight of a five-year-old child).

Handles are constructed of a double fabric loop system with reinforced safety stitching in place.

Due to the loop design it doesn't have the pressure in specific joins, like the handle on a hand bag. The weight is spread out throughout the whole fabric.

Handle circumference means it cannot go over the baby’s head.
What is the age range and weight I can use it for?
Pop the Snugglebundl with your birthing essentials and use from birth and beyond. Each fetaure has a different age range. Although we say 0-18months thats simply because it will be too difficult to lift after that age. It is tested to 66lbs.  See below for use on the individual features.

Wrap/play matt and changing: Approximatey 0 to 4 months, depending on the initial size growth of the baby,

Lift and lay asleep: the lift and lay asleep feature can be used for a long as you are strong enough to lift your baby into your arms 0-18 months and beyond.

To continue using with an older/bigger child, simply fold the bottom panel under the legs. The legs will hang out over the end but the Snugglebundl still safely and easily operates as a hammock to move your child especially from the car seat.
Can the baby slip out?
No - The Snugglebundl is ergonomically designed in a hammock shape. So, it replicates you scooping baby with both hands into your arms. This coupled with the over flap at one end and the hood at the other means baby cannot slide out.
Can the Snugglebundl be used as a carrier?
No the Snugglebundl is not a carrier.

Snugglebundl is a wrap that has handles to help with lifting up ,laying down and moving your baby and for transferring them without waking them from one position to another eg. From car seat to pram. Whilst the Snugglebundl completely supports your baby we do not recommend that you use it as a carrier.The Snugglebundls primary use is as a wrap but with the added bonus of having the the handles to snuggly lift your little one asleep and effortlessly which will help you throughout the day.
How does the Snugglebundl give head support?
Yes, the Snugglebundl gives full and total head support. Just like a hammock it's completely and safely supports the head, there is even padding which cradles the back of the head, just like your hand would. As the material is lifted it pulls taught and immediately cradles and supports the head, just as you cannot push your head back on a hammock.

“I particularly like the head rest part of the Snugglebundl as when my daughter was newly born she felt more secure and would settle easier when she had something supporting her head”. Dr .Catherine Anne Scott

Take a look at the video to see how the moro reflex is supported :
Can the Snugglebundl be washed and dried as normal?
Wash and dry as normal at 40 degrees celsius.

Also, best washed only with soft items, not jeans for an example.