Snugglebundl and sleep


It is of course important that all parents check out the safety of any products that they purchase.

If you have not had a Snugglebundl before it can, at first glance be easy to misunderstand its function and use.

Primarily the Snugglebundl is a Travel Garment used on the go and as a nap wrap.

Its fully safety tested for breathability and is essentially classed as a garment.

The beauty of the Snugglebundl is its versatility meaning you can dress your baby up or down depending on where you are (much as you would with clothing) but with the added bonus of not

having to disturb that precious sleep routine in doing so.

“From home…to car…to shop and back… without disturbing baby’s nap!”

Baby can be snuggled with a little tie on the side to keep them wrapped or alternatively the whole garment can be opened up meaning baby is completely exposed other than their baby gro.

The hood once again is tested for breathability, it doesn’t sit on the baby’s crown so there is always air flow over the baby’s fontanelles. In addition to this it can be completely rolled back. See image.

The Lullaby Trust, whom we support, lay out safe sleep guidelines and recommend placing your baby’s feet to the bottom of the pram etc.

Whilst we cannot recommend overnight sleep in the Snugglebundl, feedback that parents shared with us that they tuck the snugglebundl panels down the sides so there is no loose bedding, roll the hood back and baby sleeps in a sleep bag on top so they can re settle baby after a feed.

Endorsed by Midwives, Doctors, Sleep Experts Car Seat Experts (see our website)

Multi award Winning and Fantastic reviews over our 11 years as a trusted family brand.

Any products purchased for new-borns should always be safe, comfortable, and practical!

With Best Wishes from the Snugglebundl Family.