So Why Is The Snugglebundl Especially Useful When You Have Twins (Or More!)?

If you are facing the challenge of managing twins you’ll need all the help you can get, not only in saving money but also in terms of what makes life easier for you and your family. From the feedback we have had we can absolutely guarantee that the features of the Snugglebundl not only save you money but also make life a lot easier too! Here are a few points that help outline why it is so useful.  

Image of twins dressed in matching outfits asleepAids more sleep and helps with routine

 The Snugglebundl can be used to settle and keep babies asleep which is very important for their development. One twin is often smaller than the other and needs all the sleep it can get to aid development, or at least sleeps as much as the other one. In terms of routine, many parents of twins want to make sure that the babies sleep at the same time. If one baby is struggling to get to sleep then using the gentle rock of the snugglebundl really helps them to settle.  

Helps with post birth recovery, especially after C-Section

 A high proportion of multiple births are delivered via C-section or other forms of intervention. When using a Snugglebundl, stooping is reduced considerably and allows you to use more arm strength rather than straining muscles in the abdomen where tissue is healing. This feature really helps to manage the discomfort as well as aiding a quicker recovery. And with larger bumps comes a greater risk of stomach muscle separation (Diastasis Recti). Reduced stooping also helps recover from this too.  

Having more than one can double the strain on the back too. The Snugglebundl makes all the difference

 The Snugglebundl is not a carrier but for short journeys it is invaluable in terms of making life easier for managing twins. For example when carrying a baby you cannot see your feet but generally this is perfectly manageable. However, going down stairs is very different and especially worrisome when holding two babies. With the Snugglebundl you can quickly and safely take them down the stairs without any fear of missing a step you cannot see. Also, instead of carrying each baby one at a time to the car, both can be taken at the same time. Getting them in and out of the car seat is also made simple because they can be quickly lifted in and out with one hand (no awkward bending and twisting). Especially useful if you don’t want to wake them too!  In addition, research suggests you’re your parents back problems have been added to due to lifting you 50 times a day as a baby. With twins, that's 100 times a day so any reduced back strain or stooping is going to be beneficial to your health.  

Image of twins dressed in animal outfitsGenerally, helps deal with health and stress throughout the day and night

 There are so many day to day experiences with a baby that can take a lot of time and care to ensure things run smoothly. For example, if a baby gets reflux, it’s hard to move them without them vomiting but with a Snugglebundl they can be moved very gently and smoothly. This helps keep them settled. Alternatively settling a baby with colic requires lots of rocking which is also made easier with the hammock feature of the Snugglebundl. Rocking them between your legs really is the best motion for them to settle. They simply look into your eyes as they swing and fall to sleep. It’s a lovely experience J. Indeed, instead of walking up and down for ages to settle your babies only for them to wake when you try and remove your hand from behind their heads, the Snugglebundl allows you to rock them to sleep and lower your baby down much quicker and more successfully than without it. In the middle of the night you’ll be very pleased to have the Snugglebundl handy! On top of this when you need to put a baby down it’s often the case that you look for a blanket to put on top of them or even underneath, if the floor is dusty, but you’ll always have help with a snugglebundl that open which forms a mat or fold it to form a wrap. Going shopping is a problem when you take your baby out of the car seat. They feel the cold on their back which wakes them and can hold you up.  Shopping trolley seats are often cold and dirty so a wrap that covers your babies back is really useful when nipping for groceries. With the Snugglebundl it is a garment that wraps around and forms a blanket. It therefore makes it much easier to just put your cherubs in to the trolley and carry on shopping.  

Saves on buying or having to carry so many things

With the features of the Snugglebundl you don’t need to take so much with you. You already have a car seat liner, breastfeeding cover, shawl and something to put your baby down on wherever you go. But more than this you get a rocker and a back saver too! All for the price of just one garment. Indeed, it’s no wonder that the most common comment we get is from parents saying, “I wish these were around when I had my first baby!”.