Why Snugglebundl?

So many parents leave their baby asleep in a car seat rather than risk waking them by trying to lift them out. The Snugglebundl solves this problem so simply by allowing you to gently lift them out without waking them. Find out why so many parents find this the perfect solution for moving babies. Going out and about on journeys or even on holidays can be made so much simpler if you have a Snugglebundl to help you. Snugglebundl lifts in and out of all pushchairs, prams, car seats and even shopping trolley seats. We were voted in the top 10 travel items for you and baby by the Made for Mums online baby website. Snugglebundl can be a great help in both getting babies to sleep and in keeping them asleep as you move them. Find out why so many parents and baby sleep experts are recommending the Snugglebundl to help make it easier to manage. Even for women who have never suffered with back, hip, groin or leg pain before often find that later stages of pregnancy can bring on pain in these areas. Problems can get worse after the baby is born. Find out why so many parents and health experts are recommending the Snugglebundl to help keep better posture. Simply put ,recovery time after C section can be helped if you can reduce the amount of lifting ,stooping and bending. This can be difficult when you have a new baby. Find out why the Snugglebundl is being recommended by so many women, midwives and health visitors to help your recovery time after your baby is born. Snugglebundl was recently put in the top 5 breastfeeding covers on the market by the Baby Expert online baby website. As well as all the other uses of the blanket it forms a nice simple cover for you while you feed your baby. Find out why so many mums think the Snugglebundl is such a good nursing cover. If you are facing the challenge of managing twins you’ll need all the help you can get, not only in saving money but also in terms of what makes life easier for you and your family. From the feedback we have had we can absolutely guarantee that the features of the Snugglebundl not only save you money but also make life a lot easier too!